What We Do

We do polished concrete!!!

Every year, we transform millions of square feet of old and new concrete slabs into aesthetic, hardened, dustproofed, stain and slip-resistant reflective surfaces. Our highly trained technicians and management service a vast array of commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional partners. We educate customers about our programs and make warranty and maintenance requirements simple and streamlined.

Your final product is always an amazing and innovative flooring system.

Defining Polished Concrete has been an important industry benchmark. We use the latest technology to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Recognizing the demand for environmentally sustainable design and concrete polishing systems, we’ve introduced cost-effective and decorative Programs to meet every customer’s needs.

We also provide Additional Services such as stenciling, logos, engraving packages, and turn-key and maintenance solutions.

A few things about polished concrete…

Maintenance is five times less than any other flooring system on the market.
Slip resistance is comparable to the best flooring systems available. Durability is second to none.
Chemical and marking resistance is unmatched today.
The total cost of ownership of concrete flooring systems is under half of any other flooring system.
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