Additional Services


We provide concrete repairs to all slabs to prepare SPC systems, restore floors to safe conditions, or prevent further damage to the substrate.
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We use a blend of structural urethane, epoxy mortars and cementitious mortars for our repairs. Common concrete repairs include joint sealants, joint spalling, joint rebuilding, surface spalling, pop-outs, and cracks, slab corner breaks, rocking slabs, slab edge curl and surface dusting. We’ll match the color of your existing slab, reducing the evidence of repair and complimenting the finished floor.


We provide joint sealant applications to prepare SPC systems, repair existing joint sealants, and install new interior or exterior joint sealants for waterproofing.
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We use a blend of materials that best fit the condition of the construction or control joints. We use stain protection film on interior concrete slabs to eliminate the possibility of material adhesion outside the joints. We provide an array of color selections to match the construction materials adjacent to the joint sealants.


We offer twelve resinous flooring solutions, called SIC systems, to meet our customers’ needs. Although resinous flooring and concrete polishing are opposites in the industry, under special circumstances they can work together to provide the best flooring system.
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We classify SIC systems by category including Decorative Systems, High Performance Systems, Abrasion Resistant Systems, Cementitious Overlay Systems, Static Control Systems, Resurfacers & Restoration Systems, Same-Day Systems, Shop Floor Systems, Chemical Resistant Systems, Epoxy Systems and Sealer Systems.

Please review our Syncon Coatings Usage Guide for further information.


Syncon provides safety striping and line stripe removal. Our services include design, layout and striping.
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We install our safety striping systems in warehouse, distribution, commercial, parking lots & decks, automotive and manufacturing facilities. We offer an array of color selections for safety striping, easements, caution areas and area separation.


Syncon provides cleaning services through our Maintenance Solutions division.
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We offer an array of cleaning services which include full service janitorial, post-construction clean-up, carpet care, floor care, industrial cleaning, dry ice blasting and pressure washing. We provide over 5 million square foot a year of full service janitorial and 3 million square foot per years of specialty cleaning services. Please contact our office for further information about our cleaning operation.


We’ll restore your floors as if they were brand new. We provide full grinding and polishing restoration as well as refinishing. We also provide terrazzo, stone and marble restoration.
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We offer maintenance and restoration programs to keep your floors looking new. We also can repair the floors in part of the restoration process. Through a process of polishing and honing, Syncon will bring luster and beauty to your floors once again.


We offer floor preparation for customers abroad: an array of systems that include coating & mastic removal, surface leveling, shot blasting and carpet & tile removal. We work with clients to prepare surfaces for floor coverings, coatings and toppings.