Why It Works

A concrete polished flooring system is an impressive sight to see.

More importantly, it is durable, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and a great example of sustainable design. Its benefits are aesthetic, environmental and economic. Polished concrete in industrial applications lasts a long time and requires very little maintenance throughout the life of the concrete slab.
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Many flooring systems come with a laundry list of maintenance requirements that are costly to customers and produce excessive downtime. Traditional solutions like epoxy and high build coatings are expensive, lose aesthetic value quickly, require recoating and are very problematic with moisture and floor contaminants.

Polished concrete provides protective flooring systems around the world.

It has made a revolutionary impact in giant retailer’s stores and is now seen as the best choice for the biggest corporations in the world. The same impact is seen in schools, universities and medical facilities.

Concrete polishing processes are environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient. They offer the highest ROI and TCO against any other flooring systems in the market. Installing a concrete polished flooring system will contribute to LEED certifications in many ways.
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